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Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)

USECHH Regulations, 2000 under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, requires the employer to make a comprehensive assessment of the risk of exposure of employees to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) is a cornerstone by which compliance with the Regulations is achieved.

ESM offers a complete CHRA compliance service from initial risk assessment of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace, to provide advice on current control measures in use and carrying out workplace and personal exposure monitoring (as a quantitative assessment of control).

Inspection of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

The Approved Code of Practice complying with the USECHH Regulations, 2000 under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994, establishes a hierarchy of control measures that the employer must use when controlling exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. In this connection, LEV systems are commonly used to remove hazardous gases, fumes, vapours and dusts from the workplace.

It is a requirement by DOSH that the engineering control equipment or systems (LEV) be inspected at least annually besides monthly checking and recording internally.

ESM provides the service of examining and testing LEV for their effectiveness by well-trained hygiene technicians. Every inspection conducted is properly documented and presented to meet the DOSH requirements.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Environmental Site Assessment is an investigation activity that includes evaluation and assessment of potential of the release hazardous substances from a particular site and its vicinity. The potential nature of the impacts onto the surrounding soil and the immediate waterways as well as the groundwater shall be determined during this assessment.

ESM has the expertise to conduct ESA survey at various industrial sites to meet the client as well as the authority requirements.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is an important and integral part of environmental and occupational exposure monitoring. A laboratory equipped with the appropriate testing equipment and with trained personnel using the right methodologies will be able to provide valid data that can be utilised to assess the situation in question accurately. Furthermore, certification and accreditations provide an indication of the quality and reliability of an analytical laboratory. Accrediting agencies require a continuing evaluation of the laboratory for maintenance of accreditation. All qualifying laboratories must meet strict standards designed to assist in the production of high quality data.

ESM through its wholly owned subsidiary, E S Laboratories (M) Sdn. Bhd., operates a well-equipped testing laboratory, which is accredited by the Department of Standards Malaysia, under the SAMM laboratory accreditation scheme. The said accreditation meets the requirements of ISO 17025. The fact that our laboratory is accredited for a wide range of inorganic, organic, heavy metals and other physico-chemical parameters speaks volume about its capability to analyse various types of environmental and occupational exposure samples.

To ensure its continued competency in testing, the laboratory also participates in several extra-mural/inter-laboratory cross checking exercises such as those organized by the Malaysian Chemistry Department and NATA of Australia.

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